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rootValueType. type: string Use this configuration to set a custom type for the rootValue, and it will effect resolvers of all root types (Query, Mutation and Subscription), without the need to override it using generics each time.If you wish to use an external type and import it from another file, you can use add plugin and add the required import statement, or you can use both module#type or ...

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Since React Query is not in charge of the function that returns the Promise, it also can't know what type of errors it might produce. So unknown is correct. Once TypeScript allows skipping some generics when calling a function with multiple generics (see this issue for more information), we could handle this better, but for now, if we need to work with errors and don't want to resort to ...

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Below is a high level view of the solution we created, utilizing an Azure Function and Azure SQL Database serverless. While the components are similar to Challenge 1 where Azure Functions and Azure SQL Database serverless was leveraged to solve the challenge, we decided to write the Azure Functions for Challenge 3 in TypeScript.The first argument of the request function is the options object.As you can see, the name of the host and the path are two distinct parameters. The last argument of a request function is a callback. Its first argument is an instance of IncomingMessage representing the response.

reject: If the response from the promise function fails, then the state would be 'reject'. pending: We the response does not come, and we are waiting for the result, then the state would be 'pending'. fulfilled: If the response forms the promise in TypeScript is received successfully, then the state would be 'fullfeed'.TypeScript - Arrow Functions. Fat arrow notations are used for anonymous functions i.e for function expressions. They are also called lambda functions in other languages.